Camping - 2024

(from 1st April to 31st October)
If you are looking for campsites in inland Croatia, the Samobor campsite is definitely one of the most beautiful small camp you will find. It is situated within the traditional rural tourism family farm called ''Etno kuća pod Okićem'' (''Ethno House under the Okić mountain''), owned and run by the Slakoper family. This small campsite has a unique, almost a fairy-tale atmosphere: your tent or camping trailer will be placed next to the authentic (mostly made of wood) rural houses located at the campsite situated under the fortifications of the medieval town of Okić (500 m a.s.l.). Also, campsite overlooks the city of Zagreb and its surroundings (Croatian capital City of Zagreb is only 20 km away from Samobor camp).

If you enjoy camping in nature then this is the ideal place for your camping holiday. Nature in this area is really beautiful: myriad of trees, fruit trees, fields of green grass, birds chirping. During your stay at the camp you can visit our heritage collection.

Additional activities and sights for campers at and in the area of Samobor campsite:

  • Klake village (Samobor campsite) - Zagreb (20 km) and Klake village - Samobor (8 km)
  • walk through the Žumberak highlands - Samoborsko gorje nature park
  • easy hike to the old burg Okić – panorama (500 m a.s.l.)
  • hikers' lodge under the mountain of Okić - 411 m a.s.l.
  • hiking trails into Samoborsko gorje - Okić, Japetić, Oštrc and Plješivica
  • rock-climbing path to the burg ruins
  • climbing wall for beginners – Gornju Terihaji (Klake)
  • bike trail
  • vicinity of the town of Samobor (8 km) and the city of Zagreb (20 km)
  • Samobor wine road and rural households
  • "Suban" botanical garden
  • Sveta Barbara mine
  • Grgosova špilja cave

(from 1st April to 31st October)
Reservations of camping spots are not necessary, but if you want you can reserve it in advance at e-mail: or by calling or sending an SMS/ by whatsapp on 098 92 88 773. Camp Etno kuća pod Okićem is planned for camping with tents. Apart from tents, it is possible to receive campers and caravans, but only smaller dimensions (up to 7 m long).

Pricelist EUR
Adults 8
Children under 6 free of charge
Children from 7 to 14 5
Tent 6
Trailor 8
Car / Motorcycle 6
Camper / Van 14
Pets 4
Electricity 4
Tourist tax: 1 €
3 or more nights - 10% discount